Most websites are designed to look good, but may not score well with the search engines,or you potential clients. Years later you start investing in SEO. We wanted to give businesses strong starts. That is, a website that is optimized from the moment it goes live.



  1. Discovery Call
  2. On Boarding
  3. Design Approval Stage
  4. Content & Photo Approval Stage
  5. Your Website Goes Live
  6. Testing & Mobile Responsiveness
  7. 30-Day Maintenances & Monitoring

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Happy Clients



Project Completed


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Files Downloaded


Award Win


We define SEO websites as websites that are optimized to be crawled by search engines like Google. By having an SEO website, clients are more likely to be able to search for and reach your website.

Yes. If you plan to use your website as a tool to present your products/services to potential customers, then SEO is a must. Outside of telling people what your website is, or linking them directly to it (by use of social media or similar), SEO is the only way for your website to be discovered in Google searches.

SEO is an ongoing process. Google likes websites that speak with authority and  expertise in an updated manner. We do SEO websites for those that aren’t quite sure of the commitment. We are confident that by turning over an already optimized website, our clients are one step ahead and into the right direction. 

Our websites last as long as you want it to. We use industry standard systems like WordPress to create the websites and these have stood the test of times. However, it’s still up to you to keep the website live and hosted (at the very least) and updated (preferably) – both of which we can help you with.

We are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we build SEO ready websites for our clients. We like helping startups and smaller businesses to get-off the right path in their digital journey. We created our web development and SEO services because we understand the value of having an online presence but acknowledge the fact that a lot of businesses get lost in it. We want to help correct that through the services we provide.