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Did you know? 98% of consumers rely on local business reviews before
making decisions. Let us help manage your reputation.

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Review Management Service

In today’s digital landscape, 87% of consumers turn to Google when evaluating local businesses. Your online reputation is pivotal in attracting customers, and our professional review management ensures that your business shines in the eyes of potential clients. We specialize in curating and enhancing your online presence, leveraging positive reviews to boost your visibility and credibility. Let us guide you towards a stellar online reputation that drives success.
How It Works
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The Review Request

In the review process, it all starts with an SMS and an email. If no review is received within three days, a follow-up reminder email is sent. Following another three days with no response, a final reminder email will be dispatched.

Your Customers Review Journey

Your customers can easily leave a review with just three simple clicks. First, they’re directed to your branded review page to rate their experience with a thumbs up or thumbs down. A ‘thumbs up’ takes them to choose their preferred review platform and then to the review writing area. If the customer selects ‘thumbs down,’ they’re directed to a customer feedback form. This gives them the opportunity to express their concerns directly to you rather than through the review platform. It provides you with a chance to reach out and address any issues for resolution.

As the Business Owner
Enjoy the convenience of monthly reports and email alerts for new reviews. Need assistance or have a request? Simply reach out to our team via email or text for prompt attention. We also provide QR codes, direct links, and custom codes for your website, simplifying the process of promoting and gathering reviews.
Just Like Family Senior Movers Success Story

Just Like Family Senior Movers achieved an incredible feat in just over a year, transforming from a new business with zero reviews to boasting an impressive 27+ positive reviews, averaging 4.8 stars, while securing a prime spot on Google Maps’ first page. The secret to their rapid ascent? Their cutting-edge review management system

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Asked Questions

What is review management, and why do I need it for my business?

Review management involves monitoring and responding to customer reviews across various online platforms. It’s essential because it helps shape your online reputation, influence potential customers, and maintain a positive digital image.

What do you do with negative reviews?
Negative reviews are an opportunity for improvement. We analyze and respond to negative reviews professionally, aiming to address customer concerns and find resolutions that can turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones.
Can you help improve my overall online rating?
Yes, we work towards improving your online rating by actively managing reviews, addressing concerns, and encouraging positive feedback from satisfied customers.
Is review management only for businesses with negative reviews?
No, review management is beneficial for all businesses. Even if you have primarily positive reviews, it’s essential to maintain and enhance your positive reputation, as this can attract more customers and improve customer retention.
How do I get started with your review management services?
Getting started is easy! Simply contact us through our website or give us a call. We’ll schedule a consultation to understand your needs and customize a review management plan for your business.
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How to Get started

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Our Business Compatibility Consultation is an opportunity for us to explore whether our expertise aligns seamlessly with your project goals. We believe in fostering productive partnerships, and this meeting allows us to determine if your project fits within our capabilities and if we are the right fit for each other. Our goal is to ensure that clients who qualify to work with us experience a harmonious collaboration that leads to shared success.

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